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My Journey From a "Hopeless Case" to "The Master of Trading Mindset"

As a life coach for traders, I am on a mission to help traders master their mental edge and reach your full potential to become a full-time humans and live life on their own terms.

I was a Hopeless Case!

When I was in primary school, I often wondered when I would find direction in my life.

 It seemed that everything that I did was wrong. I knew that I was making mistakes, but I lacked the discipline that I needed to take a step back, see myself accurately, and make corrections. 

When I was seven, one of my teachers told my mother that my education would not go very far – that any time and money they invested in me would be a waste. She said "He is a hopeless case."

Experiencing bullying firsthand, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to help others overcome any feelings of unworthiness or self-doubt. 

Hearing that, I could have gone one of two ways, either believing her or not. 

I chose not, deciding instead to believe in my abilities, to work hard in school and become a civil engineer.

The Potential!

That did not happen overnight, of course. Going into my teenage years, I discovered a talent for water polo. 

I was still a disaster in school at the time, and I still had a lot of growing up to do. In the pool, though, everything came easily to me. 

The other kids called me "The Dolphin," a reference to how smoothly and quickly I could cut through the water. 

Although success in water polo may seem disconnected from success in academics, it was important for me to see that I could rise up above my circumstances and improve myself. 

For me, those hours I spent playing water polo were much more than basic exercise. 

My First Job!

At the same time, I was working as a door-to-door salesman. The money was not too big, but I was learning a lot (Actually, I was still relying on my parents)

That was my first job, my introduction into the business world, and I pushed myself, intent on mastering sales. 

I was still not entirely sure what I wanted to do for a career, but I figured that whatever I did, the skills that I picked up on the job would end up helping me. 

Every day, I went into my sales job ready to work right down to my last stores of energy. Nothing was going to hold me back.

Starting The Journey!

In secondary school, I finally hit my stride. I studied for long stretches at a time, setting goals for myself and then following through on them.

At the end of secondary school, I had earned even higher grades than I could have hoped for, and I decided to try my hand at civil engineering. 

It seemed that I had unlocked my full potential.

I'm not a Hopeless Case

Doubt, however, continued to surround me. I took my first "career" job in Egypt, where one of my colleagues told me that I was going to be stuck in the same place for the rest of my life, that I would never find a better job and that I had better keep my nose down. 

Six months after that, I moved from Egypt to Qatar, working for three companies over an eight-year period. Managed several multi million projects.

I was making something of myself, ignoring any words of doubt, listening only to my own inner voice, and my resume was impressive by the time I moved to Australia.

The Real Transformation!

Between 2013 and 2017, I took charge of my health. First, I focused on my weight, losing 65 kilograms in 2013.

It was because of un-diagnosed depression that I had become obese, anxiety consuming me for hours and even days on end. 

The next thing I did after losing the weight, four years after that, was quit smoking. I had been a heavy smoker, and I knew that I needed to change my habits.

 I knew that if I wanted to live the life I wanted, I needed to continue to work, continue to seek out challenges, and continue to believe in myself.

Romance, Family & Passion!

Then, I fell in love. My wife was immediately captivating to me, and our story was epic right from the start.

She became my whole world, and everything that I did from then on was for her. In my life, I have known both failure and joy. 

I have lost money on trading and business, even having a breakdown after my first business failed, all my old feelings of anxiety returning. 

Pulling myself out of that rabbit hole, though, I came up with the idea for Trading Roadmap. Through it all, I have remained focused on my passion, my health, and the people whom I care about.

Today, my life is grand. Living in Sydney, I am a father of two, "Miro"a five-year-old son and "Mia" a two-year-old daughter.

The Journey!

I offer my life coaching services to stock and forex traders, focusing on three pillars: personal growth, trading psychology, and emotional intelligence. 

Psychology and personal development first captured my interest when I was a teenager, and in the years since then, I have built on my knowledge in the field, accruing a wealth of experience and combining my creativity with the engineering and scientific skills that I learned as I was completing my degree. 

The author of The Art of Losing: How to Deal with Trading Losses like a Market Wizard and the creator of the Mental Edge Accelerator program, I am on a lifelong mission to help traders find their mental edge and overcome any challenges that may present themselves in the market. 

The Art of Losing has attracted attention from serious public figures, including a Market Wizard who was a  fund manager who once oversaw more than $600 million.

Khaled's grasp of what great traders have learned over their seasoning process is excellent

"The Art Of Losing by Khaled Maziad is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand of some of the concepts every trader should understand before rushing off to "gamble" in the markets. 
Khaled's grasp of what great traders have learned over their seasoning process is excellent!"

  Market Wizard 
        Managed $600         Million

    Author of
           "Trade Like A              Casino"

I Have Seen It All!

There is never any excuse to give up. No matter where you are right now, no matter how far away your goals may seem, you can keep pushing forward, inching closer and closer to what it is that you want.
In my younger years, I could have believed my teacher when she told me that I was hopeless.
I could have given up – but I didn't. I could have stopped dreaming, but I didn't do that either. Whatever you want to do and whatever you believe trading will make possible for you, I want to be there right by your side, urging you on and inspiring you to look within yourself.

Become a Full-Time Human

Not a typical trading coach, my students call me "The Trader's Life Coach", and I encourage people to become full-time humans, balancing their personal lives with their professional lives. 
I want to help you achieve consistent, meaningful, measurable results by breaking through all your emotional and mental barriers – and living life on your own terms once and for all.

If you are an adventurer at heart and if you are willing to learn, learn, and learn some more, I want to work with you today

Discover How To Bulletproof Your Emotions & Develop Unbeatable Mindset

So You Can Confidently Execute Your Edge Finally Become Consistently Profitable

without Sabotaging Yourself or Feeling Paralyzed By Fear Of Losing

 - even if you tried everything and failed! 

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